Save Upto 90% Data Costs On Nokia S40 Series or Opera Mobile Browser

Before even starting this post, those who do not own a Nokia S40 series device, still want to save their data usage and would have gotten disappointed if I did not tell you this : ” The same procedure is carried out by Opera mobile browsers”. Now carry on!

The all new Nokia S40 series, having the popular device Nokia Asha promises you a data saving of 90%, thus lowering your data costs and saving your money. For the non-technical people here, the secret is data-compression prior to data fetching on your devices.
That means, as soon as you request for your web page, the device will send the data to Nokia’s servers first, then compress it, after compression of the data, send it on your device. For example, if your facebook page requests for 20 MB of data, that data will get compressed into smaller bytes, and then sent to your network carrier. Now the network carrier will send you the compressed data rather than that 20 MB. Thus, saving your data.

The Nokia Xpress Browser comprises a client and a cloud-based proxy service. When a user requests a web page the proxy reads the page, processes CSS and JavaScript code, and compresses its content, which is then delivered to the client for display on the user’s phone. This means Series 40 phones can now access complex websites that were off limits with earlier browsers, and have full desktop web pages delivered with an up to 90 per cent reduction in transferred data. Because compressing the page’s content reduces the amount of data transmitted over the air, page content is delivered faster and in a format that the client can load with speed.


This technology enables users on limited data plans or in areas with limited data coverage to browse the web with a UX previously available only on high-speed networks and unlimited data plans. Now, any mobile consumer can gain access to more content — the content they want — like never before. Check Nokia Developers for more on it.


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