Evernote Resets Password After Security Breach

After Facebook, Apple and Twitter it is now Evernote’s turn to fall prey to the unknown hackers on the prowl. Evernote released a note saying its servers were hacked and the hackers tried to gain access to sensitive information like usernames, passwords and other content but failed to do so. Yet, as a measure of safety Evernote pushed a mandatory password reset for all its users on all platforms where Evernote is available. After the reset users were automatically taken to the password reset screen where users can change their passwords.

evernote hacked copy

In addition to the mandatory reset, Evernote announced that it will release updates for all platforms pretty soon that makes password reset much easier. You can check the complete note and more safety precautions from Evernote in this link. We recommend all our readers to reset their password and set a more secure password.

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