Apple's iWatch is Reportedly Expected To Be Released This Year, Facing Issues With Battery Life

The Business Insider has just confirmed that Apple Inc is very much serious about the plans of making the iWatch, which we had already covered few days back. Further,  at The Verge, Nilay Patel also confirmed various reports about the development team and the product designers coming together to realise the idea of a mini computer on the wrist, that only looks like a simple watch, but runs on a highly efficient iOS6, provides you with all your notifications, play your playlists and provide you with more such exciting updates.

 Since the work is still in its working stages, Apple is reported to be facing few problems in the concept watch. Apple wants the watch to run on the full fledged iOS. But since the device is a little one, thus, it is falling apart in terms of the battery life. Perhaps, if Apple pays attention to one of the other articles, that reports A Lithium Ion Battery That Provides 3 times backup in 10 minutes Charging, the problems might just disappear!

Apple wants the watch to run seamlessly for over 4 – 5 days, but if rumours are to be believed, the prototype model is currently working for only a couple of days. Another problem is deciding the interface of the watch. The full blown iOS would be requiring some major tweaks if it has to run on the small screen smoothly.

Other sources also claim that Apple has kept iWatch on release schedule by the end of this year. And since there has been no rejection to any of these reports by several known sites, it seems these are no longer rumours anymore.

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