Halfbrick Studio's Amazing Game Development Process

Halfbrick studio, the brainchild behind amazing iOS game titles like The Age of Zombies, Fruit Nina, Jetpack Joyride and many others took an opportunity to discuss with Techcrunch their brilliant game development process. This article is definitely exciting and proves a high level insight into what goes into developing successful game titles with a vision to expand.


Their simple yet very innovative initiative, Halfbrick Fridays, helps churn out talent from all their employees with by giving them all a platform to showcase their talent. Read on to learn more about Halfbrick Fridays

Halfbrick Fridays is an event where all of their employees participate into groups of 5 and brainstorm for ideas, it gives an opportunity to each and every one of their employees; right from accounting to quality assurance. Halfbrick Studios conduct this event for around 5 to 7 times every year with each event lasting upto a day or a week or even for few weeks. Successful games like The Age of Zombies and Monster Dash were born out of Halfbrick Fridays but the only problem is that not all game ideas are feasible to implement as few of them might take more than just few months.

Halfbrick Studios is very cautious the way it builds their games, they claim that many successful game titles fail to replicate their success stories of one platform to other platforms because of bad planning in their initial development stage. Relying completely on native code language of the platform is always a problem when time comes to replicate the game on to other platforms.

Halfbrick Studios built their own Core Engine on the most sought after gaming language, C++, that will be used to create the core part of all games. The reliance on native code languages like Objective C is minimal this way and makes it very easy to port the game to other platforms in much lesser time.

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