Gridlock 2.0 Released, But With A Price Tag [Cydia] [Tweak]

Grant Paul a.k.a Chpwn, developer of Zephyr and Gridlock is one of the developers who really listen to the users of their wares. Recently Paul updated Zephyr two times within few hours after receiving an overwhelming response, obviously about disliking of the 1.6 version of Zephyr. So within few hours, the next updated version was pushed, Zephyr 1.6.1. Now Paul is back with Gridlocker 2.0.

iOS, by default does not allow its users to move or organize their app icons in the order or  the place they want. But Jailbroken users have the freedom to do so, after Paul gave it to them.

Just released just moments ago, it brings iOS 6.x support in tow. Gridlock is a tweak that’s very popular among JailBreakers, because it gives users the ability to rearrange their app icons using a simple drag and drop action.

According to Grant Paul, the iOS 6 update was filled with various complexities. For that reason, Gridlock 2.0 isn’t a free upgrade for previous users of the package. Apparently, so much work was needed that he was required to completely rewrite Gridlock from the ground up for iOS 6. With that in mind, it wouldn’t be very economical for him to give it away free of charge, even for owners of the previous version.

For old users, the update is available for $1.99, and the ones who are reading this right now and want to use it for the very first time, sorry, you are discriminated at $4 for the hard work put in by the Dev!

Have you tried it yet? Let’s know about your thoughts in comment section below.

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