Indian Origin Girl Brighter Than Einstein, Bill Gates And Stephen Hawking [Video]

The great scientist, Albert Einstein. Microsoft founder, Bill Gates. Extraordinary physicist, Stephen Hawking. What do they have in common besides the amount of overwhelming success they have had in their careers? The triplets are a part of the Mensa group, a group of the top brains of the world. And the famous three have all got an IQ of a brilliant 160. And then there is a 12 year old Neha, who moved to London few years ago with her parents, both doctors. A simple 12 year old girl who loves to play video games, chat with friends, and terribly hates to study like any other child.

So what makes us mention her name amongst the three other famous names? Neha Ramu makes her way into the news because she has beaten Albert Einstein, Bill Gates and Hawkings’ IQ scores. The child prodigy has scored a score of 162, leaving behind the other three with a small yet massive 2 points and is now amongst the top 1% population of Britain, being a part of the Mensa society.

An ardent gamer and a huge fan of the J.K Rowling series, the Harry Potter, Neha Ramu spends more time playing rather than gaming. However, as the notions may be, many news channels believed that Neha was amazing in studies.
Neha said,

Some of the TV news said that I was studying really hard. But my friends and I found it really hard to believe because I usually play lots of my games with them. So I don’t study at all!

This is not the first time the genius has surprised her parents. Tiffins Girls School, one of the highly prestigious schools known for the emphasis on English grammar was left wide eyed when the little girl gamer scored a perfect 280 on 280! It was then that Dr. Jayashree, the mother, realized that there was more to her daughter and there was untapped potential.

Future is bright for Neha as there are endless opportunities for her, a medical degree from Oxford or Harvard being one of the many. You can check out the embedded video below from NDTV.

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