Notier: The Best Stylus For Touchscreen Devices

Each one is different. Different in shape, different in size, different in colour, and different in the feel and smoothness in action. Before I let you wander your minds somewhere else, we are talking about the Stylus business. Today, there is a huge crowd of styluses in the market. From Samsung bringing in its revamped S-pen for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 to Targus, the stylus that makes your non-touchscreen Windows 8 machines into a touch responsive screen, with just plug-and-play.

Now there is another racer on the track. The Notier stylus boasts about the stylist pen in the s-community, and calls itself to be having “worlds finest tip design”.


Musemees has made the pen with intricate details. The design of the pen no wonder sleek and gives a good feeling, made slender with aluminum. The stylus works well even at 150 degree angle.

The pen is made of the rubberised disc-shaped tip. The disc shaped tip is supposed to provide great accuracies, as it lands flat on the touch panel. However, on iPad, using Noteshelf, keeping canvas a graph paper, the accuracy was bitterly off at points if you are a digital artist, but it was nothing for general users as the error was a minor 1 millimeters.

Further it is difficult to write with the disc because you need to pick the stylus up high enough to clear the diameter of the disc when moving to the next letter. Otherwise, it catches the screen and the stem hit, making a mark.

With a price of $15.99, the Notier is a decent product. The red, gray or black aluminum body is certainly the driving cost factor. Considering the company now sells interchangeable tips, it is almost certain it breaks or deteriorates over time. Otherwise, there is no reason to sell an interchangeable tip. This is certainly not a must-have, but does have a few things going for it, namely the 150 degree writing angle and guaranteed contact with the device surface.

Check here for more info on it.

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