Fan Speed Issues Being Reported By 15" Retina MacBook Pro Users

Apple launched a refreshed model of 15″ Retina MacBook Pro with a bit bumped up specs along with a chance in SSD. The new model sports a Sandisk SSD as opposed to Samsung SSD in the previous model. Few users have been complaining on since last week that the new models irregularly show cases of speed bump with their cooling fans. And most times the speed spikes up even when minor tasks are performed. On Apple discussion threads and on Youtube few users suggest that the problem is most probably attributed to the new SSD as most of the irregular spike in cooling fan behaviour is spotted when a file transfer is initiated on the macbook.


Users have been panicking a bit and trying to get some response from Apple about the issue. Though Apple hasn’t released any statement yet most users believe that this can be fixed with a simple software update. Users who contacted Apple stores were told that this behaviour is quite normal but few users have been able to successfully get hardware replacement done from Apple stores.

Any of our readers with newer version of 15″ Retina MacBook Pro confirm this erroneous behaviour? Do keep us posted in the comments below.

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