Steve Mann -The God Of Augmented Reality is Not Impressed With Google Glasses

The day Google glasses were shown off at the incredible celebration, there was a huge roar of excitement, about the world of augmented reality. Pranav Mistry‘s six sense technology being the first to bring the concept at TED (also brought Transparent 3D Desktop), Google glasses brings the whole new computing experience on wearable glasses.

But what if you were told that the God of devices that give you augmented reality, the creator of these devices said that he is not really impressed with Google’s work? Thats right, this man below, Steve Mann, known for his works, has poured his heart out at IEEE spectrum, originally published as Vision 2.0.

Steve writes on IEEE

Google has lately attracted enormous attention to its Project Glass, an eyeglass-like smartphone with a wearable display. I suppose that’s fine as far as it goes. But Google Glass is much less ambitious than the computer-mediated vision systems I constructed decades ago. What Google’s involvement promises, though, is to popularize this kind of technology.

Steve has been working a lot on this technology, and tries to bring it into maximum usage in daily life. Once, Steve was seen wearing his 4G glasses while taking a lecture at the University of Toronto.

Steve Mann, a professor in the department of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Toronto and an IEEE Senior Member, Mann built his first computerized-vision system while he was still in high school. “People thought it was a crazy idea back in the ’70s,” says Mann. Since then he has constructed dozens of these systems and amassed more hours wearing them than anyone else.

Do read the original article written by Mann himself, Vision 2.0

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