Another Application Surpassed Apple's Approval Process, Hides Application On Your iPhone/iPad

Well, this doesn’t come in the form of surprise. But Apple’s approval process continue to lack in approving apps which doesn’t comply with their policies. There’s now another application on App Store which lets you delete system applications on your iOS device. In other words, you could hide all those pre-installed application which you don’t use anymore.


We think that the actual reason for HiddenApps app to go unnoticed from the eyes of reviewers is due to the fact that it offers much more functionalities if you simply neglect the name. Also, if you read the description of the application, it doesn’t say much about it. According to the developer, it’s an application that tells you tips and tricks about your iDevice. On the contrary, it does more than that.

HiddenApps application is nothing when it comes to the user interface. But it seems that the user has an idea that Apple could disapprove the application whenever it lands for the review. You can call it luck, but it’s now available for download on the App Store. Get it before Apple notices it again due to the increasing popularity and pull it instantly.

Below is the link –


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