iPhones Consume Two Thirds Of Web Video

With more number of statistics pouring in support of iOS devices usage it makes us wonder what exactly are Android devices used for? In a series of reports released over the week iOS and Apple devices lead in web traffic share, in-flight web usage and now its the web video consumption now according to Ooyala. It is a well known fact that developer revenues and app quality is way ahead on iOS compared to Android. Apple is able to achieve these incredible numbers with a mere 19% hold over smartphone market worldwide as opposed to 68% for Android.

ooyala web video usage

In a recent report released by Ooyala iPhone users account to 67% of web video consumption against a mere 33% from Android devices. Ooyala measures the statistics from a huge user base of 200 million unique viewers globally.

All the statistics coming in prove that iPhone users feel more comfortable using various services on their smartphones. Usage statistics play a vital role in a smartphone eco-system which indirectly generates revenue for the services. These statics show the importance of iPhone and iOS even in the age of Android domination which is only by numbers!

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