Apple Vs. Samsung: Marketing Strategies

Philip Elmer-DeWitt of CNN Money made a note of an interesting piece of information, Samsung seems to be going all out at marketing whereas Apple seems to be going a bit calm and simple with its marketing lately. Apple is famous for hyping its products before the launch and build up huge anticipation, voluntary or not but Apple has a cult following since many years that build up the anticipation. Samsung seems to have been trying to replace Apple with their grand style marketing and the recent launch of their new flagship device, Samsung Galaxy S4, speaks more than required about it. Samsung went for broadway style theatrical launch for their Galaxy S4 which has been considered to be a pain by most tech blogs!

apple vs samsung

Quite contrary to their IBM bashing ad way back when the Apple 2 was launched Apple has been famous for bashing the industry leaders to create a cult of its own but lately Apple seems to be taking most of their launches low profile and moving their venues to smaller places with each launch. But Samsung seems to have taken quite an opposite path in having grand launches and Apple basing ads by targeting the industry leaders in mobile devices.

Though Apple is not able to compete against Android and Samsung in volumes of phones being shipped out Apple is still the industry leader claiming more than 70% of the profits in Smartphone market which is soon going to be almost a $400 billion industry.