Intel & Nvidia Showcase Their Next Gen Processors, Might Power Macs

With the hunger for processing power growing exponentially defying Moor’s Law over time, top in the line processor manufacturers begin to showcase their product line up for years to come. Nvidia launches its next generation GPU, Volta, that promises a memory bandwidth of around 1 TB/sec which is almost 4 times its current flagship GPU being shipped. Volta uses DRAM directly mounted on top of the GPU, just separated by a layer of silica substrate. The two layers are directly connected by drilling through the silica. Though no details about the price and exact date of availability are revealed yet, Nvidia says that they are aiming for a 2016 launch.

nvida volta

Meanwhile Intel showcased their Haswell range of Core i7 processors which when stacked up against the top of the line processors from Intel, Sandy-bridge and Ivy-bridge, showed immense improvement in speeds. The new range Haswell processor showed almost 50% improvement in few benchmark tests compared to the current best processors from Intel. Apple is rumoured to equip their Macs with Haswell processor in this years refresh of their lineup.

haswell 1

haswell 2

haswell 3

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