US Clinic Prescribes iPad App For Their Patients

Well, it is nothing new to hear about the vast range of applications and uses an iPad has but it is definitely new to hear a clinic prescribing an iPad app to his patients. A clinic in US, Cleveland Clinic, has launched its new iPad app named Today which basically provides access to patient’s electronic medical records (EMR), a feature to request an appointment with the clinic’s doctors, find more details about the clinic’s doctors, health and wellness tops, healthy recipes, quizzes and videos. The app is being provided for free of cost to app users but certain parts of the app like EMR and appointment scheduling are exclusively reserved for the clinic’s patients.

Today app

The mobile app adaption is nothing new for Cleveland Clinic, this being their 10 successful app launch on iPad and iPhone. The Today app is exclusive to iPad and iPhone for now but the clicic announced that they are exploring the possibility of launching the app for Windows 8 platform as well. The app is a “one-stop-shop” for health and wellness information is what they suggest. Features like 3D model of human body showing all bones, organs, joints and muscles provides a wealth of information in the app. If users like any information they can even share it with anyone using the email, Facebook and Twitter share options.

Other famous app provided by the hospital for iPad are Innovations, Cancer Trials and Heart Story. Feel free to download the Today app from here.

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