App Downloads Decline By 13% After Holiday Season

Fiksu, a mobile app analytics firm released their latest reports on App download statistics for February 2013 saying that the number of downloads from top 200 apps on the App store for iPhone has declined by nearly 810,000 down to 5.2 million per day in February from 6.01 million per day in January which gave a strong holiday season sales figures. App developers spend huge amounts on advertising their apps during holiday season in an effort to tap new customers who purchase new devices, Fiksu says that the app discovery and visibility efforts continued well into January 2013 as well and fizzled out in February which gives a right indication of things to come for later part of the year.

fiksu 2 app store competitive usage

Fiksu also calculates Cost Per Loyal User Index which is basically cost a particular brand has to spend to attain a loyal user who would be a buyer for their apps or a user who opens their app three times of more. The cost has decreased 17% in February that is equivalent to 27 cents and landed at $1.29 compared to $1.56 in January which is a good sign for developers as they will have to spend lesser to get more users.

fiksu 1 cost per loyal user

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