OSX 10.8.3 Adds 23 Minutes Of Battery Life To Retina MacBook Pro

Battery life has been a standard concern across multiple mac models after Apple gave out their OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion update last year. After hearing the concerns of several macbook owners, MacObserver started testing various macbook models to keep a track of battery life performance on macbooks for various version of OSX. Apple address the issue of battery life problem in OSX Mountain Lion and soon gave out 10.8.2 update that promised to fix the battery life of all macbooks, soon after the update was given out MacObserver conducted their own tests and confirmed Apple’s claims to be true. The latest version of OSX, 10.8.3, seems to be out last week promising few fixes and patches in the OS but it had a surprisingly good update (unclaimed by Apple officially in their update) that increases the battery life of Retina MacBook Pro 15″.

OSX 10.8.3 retina macbook pro battery life

The Retina MacBook Pro has been plagued by various problems varying from low frame rate issue to cooling fan issues which Apple is trying to address and fix slowly. Though most of the bugs have been fixed there are still a few concerns like the LCD ghosting image problem that we reported earlier that has to be fixed. Nevertheless, OSX 10.8.3 seems to have improved the battery life at least for Retina MacBook Pro users and offers 23 minutes of extra battery life compared to OSX 10.8.2. The previous reading in MacObserver’s tests showed that Retina MacBook Pro offered a battery life of 398 minutes on OSX 10.8.2 but it increased to 401 minutes which was confirmed in three tests on OSX 10.8.3. But sadly similar results were not found with other versions of MacBooks tested by them.

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