What Apple Could Do To Improve App Store in iOS 7

I have been using Nexus 4 since few days now. And completely loving the way how far Android has come down to. It’s been an amazing experience on this device. Nevertheless, there are so many great features which Apple could pick from Android to improve App Store in iOS 7. First, we all know how HTML interface of App Store sucks. It takes significant time even on high speed internet connection for the UI to surface once the app is opened. Of course, there’s a workaround to make it work faster, but then it remains a mess for many people.


I figured out that there are many ways by which Apple could learn from Play Store or Android and improve App Store for the future. Some of them are listed below –

Ability to install Applications from the iTunes Store (web interface)

This feature has been on Android from quite sometime now. For those who don’t know, you could install applications from the web as well on your phone without even touching your smartphone. I admire this feature a lot. For example, if i’m on my Macbook and found out an app link on Twitter or Facebook, all i could do is to directly use the link to install app on my device. That’s it, i don’t even need to open Play Store on my device, search and then install. And your email account decides what device you own for the purpose to install apps seamlessly.

Login once to install iOS Applications 

Yes, every time i open App Store, i don’t want to enter Password of my Apple id for iTunes account to install applications. If i have entered my credentials once on App Store, i want it to work until and unless i don’t logout by myself. On the contrary, Play Store gives you that capability to download apps simply by just two click. And i don’t enter my Gmail credentials every time i revert to it.

Delta Updates For iOS Applications

We have reached to a point where almost every game on App Store with mind blowing graphics exceeds over 1 GB. When an update arrives, we have to download all of the data yet again. However, ideally, one should download only the newest features which have been added for the application. And for someone like me who has a limited data plan, i have to think twice prior to downloading this much data again. Needless to say, Apple has enabled delta updates for both iOS software and Mac apps and i wish they might do it for iOS applications as well in iOS 7. Fingers crossed.

Ability to Auto Update Applications

Android has this nice feature where you could select which Apps to auto update when a new update is available for the respective application. This option is being provided to you when you install applications on your Android device. It’s one of the feature i want Apple to integrate in iOS 7. Undoubtedly, there are people who wants to know about what’s new in a certain applications whenever the update arrives. However, there are other people who just neglect about the description and update apps they care most. If you are one of those people who have 500-600 apps installed, you would probably care for them to be updated and not read about them every time.

This is my list to improve App Store in iOS 7. What’s yours? Do you think i have missed something? Let’s know in the comment section below. We will like to hear from you.

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