Call Recorder is Now Available On JailBroken Devices, Supports iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 Only

Although there are many tweaks on Cydia which lets you modify almost anything, but there’s one tweak which was missed. And that tweak couldn’t be none other than an add on which should allow you to record calls. Perhaps, there might be certain issues with tweak like them since in many countries, this is considered to be illegal. A developer with twitter handle @Limneos has finally come up with one for those on JailBroken devices.


Also, he has included a disclaimer in the description of the tweak that he won’t be responsible for any illegal activity which is peformed using this call recorder. To install this Call recorder tweak, you need to add this repository in Cydia – ( Once all the respos are updated, search ‘net.limneos.callrecorder‘. Yes, you won’t find it with ‘Call Recorder’ as a generic name. Instead, the developer has chosen a quite dynamic name which is not searchable easily.

As per the description, when you will start recording, you will need consent of the other party as well. Because it shows a sound in the beginning when you start the recording of the particular call. However, the functionality is not entirely complete on iPhone 4S. On iPhone 4S, you need to switch to speaker for recording while you are on a call.

Undoubtedly, developer has plans to extend the tweak beyond iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 in future. All recorded calls are saved as telephony service voice data, unlike other apps which works in the background and store them remotely on servers. You could download it for the price of $3.99.

Do you face any problems with it? Let’s know in comment section below.

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