DRAM Market To Witness A Healthy Increase Drive By Mobile Devices

Digitimes Research claims that the surge in mobile and smartphone segment will lead to an overall increase of 30% in consumption of DRAM in 2013. The DRAM consumption will still remain dominant from PCs and Notebooks in 2013 as well but the overall demand is to be decreasing by around 2.9% in 2012 as compared to a major increase of 7.3% in 2012 as per Digitimes Research. Contrastingly, mobiles and smartphones are predicted to be a major driver with a forecast 72.9% jump in demand in 2013.

DRAM consumption

Smartphone will overall consume an estimated 774 million gigabits of DRAM in 2013, up by 83% compared to 2012 and the demand for DRAM for tablets will increase by 73.1% as compared to 2012 estimates. The average amount of DRAM to be sported in smartphones will increase to 0.9 gigabytes per device in 2013 up from 0.7 gigabytes per device in 2012 while tablets reach 1.3 gigabytes per device in 2013 from 1.1 gigabyte per device in 2012.

The overall consumption of DRAM will reach 3.733 billion Gb in 2013 which is exactly 29.7% increase over 2012. The DRAM segment belonging to mobile devices will account to around 40% of the total DRAM consumption in 2013 as opposed to 33% in 2012.

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