How Well Does iPad's GPU Fare Against Full Blown PC GPUs?

Pre 2007, we always used to have benchmark tools for PCs/Laptops testing the true potential of their GPUs. With the launch of iPhone in 2007 that opened up the gate to whole new possibilities of what one does with their mobile device, having a powerful GPU on a mobile device became quite essential. Benchmark tests like GLBenchmark soon became quite relevant for mobile devices but we never had an option to compare the true potential of how the mobile device GPU stacks up against their counterparts in PCs/Laptops. Thanks to the new version of GLBenchmark developed by Kishonti, we have a method of grading GPUs of PCs/Laptops with almost similar tool, DXBenchmark which is based on DirectX API whereas GLBenchmark relies on OpenGL ES. And the folks at AnandTech did not delay things any further to give us some stats to play with.


These test rely on a different set of APIs so we can’t actually expect accurately comparative figures but it will give us a peek into how well the latest mobile devices stack up against full blown GPUs in PCs/Laptops. Will the tests prove that iPad can indeed replace traditional computers?

The contenders

  1. Razer Edge – Microsoft Windows 8 Pro 64bit – Core i7-3517U/GeForce GT 640M LE
  2. Microsoft Surface Pro – Microsoft Windows 8 Pro 64bit  – Core i5-3317U/HD 4000
  3. Microsoft Surface RT – Microsoft Windows RT – Tegra 3
  4. Dell XPS 10 – Microsoft Windows RT – APQ8060A/Adreno 225
  5. Asus VivoTab Smart – Microsoft Windows 8 Pro 32bit – Atom Z2560/PowerVR SGX 545
  6. Apple iPad 4 – iOS 6.1.3 – Apple A6X/SGX554MP4
  7. Apple iPad mini – iOS 6.1.3 – Apple A5/GSX543MP2
  8. Google Nexus 10 – Android 4.2.2 – Exynos5/MaliT604
  9. Google Nexus 7 – Android 4.2.2 – Tegra 3












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