iOS Marketshare Slips Below Android Marketshare In US

Android continues to dominate worldwide with its presence and by selling huge volumes of handsets. Once, US used to be the base of domination for iOS but the latest reports from Khantar (originally reported on TechCrunch) shows that iOS marketshare decreased by 3.5% in the quarter ending this February 2013 and take iOS share to 43.5% whereas Android gained 5.8% taking it to 51.2%, with a lead of 7.7% over iOS! There has been strong demand for Android devices in the US, thanks to the price reduction of various Samsung devices to capture the US smartphone users. Khantar says that of all the users that moved over to Samsung smartphones last year 19% previously owned Samsung feature phones, 15% owned HTC smartphones, 14% owned LG featurephones, 10% owned Samsung smartphone and 9% owned BlackBerry smartphones. Samsung has been quite successful in luring customers from varied range of bases but sadly not much from Apple.

OS Share

Though iPhone lost out on overall marketshare it still remained as a strong competitor on the two largest networks in the US, AT&T and Verizon. Last quarter AT&T sold 67.9% of iOS devices against a mere 26.5% Android devices and Verizon sold 51.6% iOS devices against 43.6% of Android devices.

OS Share by networks

One more positive sign shows in the smartphone industry is with the adaption of Windows Mobile, which isnt exactly in a position to threaten iOS or Android but it grew from 2.7% to 4.1% last quarter which shows a slow and steady growth of windows mobile based devices in the US primarily driven by the flagship device Nokia Lumia 920.

Though iOS hasn’t seen any domination across other major countries globally it has seen a healthy rise in its share in Great Britain (0.1% rise), Italy (2.9% rise), Australia (0.6% rise), Mexico (2.8% rise).

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