No, Apple Maps Couldn't Be A Reason Why iOS 6 Was A Minor Update!

Let’s face it. Apple’s sixth iteration of its mobile software was a minor update. I have been hearing from people that the actual reason for it being the minor update, unlike iOS 5 was due to the fact that Apple invested its entire time in building its own mapping solution from the scratch. There’s no doubt that Google Maps are still unmatched on any platform. And we know how massively Apple maps failed and Tim Cook had to eventually apologise for providing a bad mapping solution to its users.


Fortunately, Google pushed its Google Maps application on App Store and Apple was generous enough to approve it. When iOS 5 was introduced, it was truly a leap for Apple in mobile OS. Nevertheless, Apple knew from the very first day since the development of Android started at Google that they have to abandon Google services sometime soon. However, that was not the primary motive at that time for Apple. Nor they had those immense resources to achieve it. Steve wanted Apple to recognise its true potencial and return to the market yet again with release of new categories. iPhone was one of life saviour, but services such as Google Maps, Youtube and Google Search were one of the safest bet for them to make it a hit among other smartphones during that time.

Time changed, and Apple became one of the most valuable company in the world, with pile of cash to acquire other companies. Now, it was time to abandon Google Maps and Youtube and hit Google where it hurts them most. To achieve the same, Apple did what it had been planning since the early days of first iPhone. They acquired many Maps based start ups to build best mapping solution in the world from scatch. Although things didn’t turn out the way they should which supposedly led to the firing of Apple’s SVP of iOS software – Scott Forstall.

These are some of the reason why i still think iOS 6 was not the result of inability to focus in only one application. They knew from the very first day when iPhone came out that they had to abandon their dependency on Google. They had been just waiting to discontinue the contract and declare that Thermonuclear war which Steve Jobs talked about once officially.

Perhaps, i might be wrong here since everything i have mentioned above is based on speculations. If you think there’s another fact involved, i would like you to shout out in comment section below.

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