Apple Remains Strong In US Smartphone Market, Extends Lead Over Samsung

Android and Samsung might be dominating globally, but US still seems to be a stronghold for Apple that Samsung is failing to break. Samsung has been spending high amount of money market its products in the US and capture the top spot last year but still failed to make it despite its efforts, there were repots earlier suggesting that Samsung is planning to increase its marketing spending up by 4 times in US in an effort to further push its smartphone sales in the US. The recent reports from ComScore suggest that the overall sales of smartphones in the US moved up by 8% this quarter and recorded 133.7 million handsets being owned currently. Out of all the handsets in use right now Apple’s iPhone currently occupies 38.9% up by 3.9% compared to last quarter’s 35%.

comsocre 1

Samsung is trying every other way to beat Apple in the US, ranging from its anti-apple ads to theatrical product launches, but it is still failing to make inroads into the US smartphone market. Over the last quarter, even after exhaustive marketing, Samsung could gain a mere 1% rise in its Smartphone share up to 21.3% compared to its 20.3% share in last quarter. Apart from Apple and Samsung all other major OEMs have seen a decrease in its market share with Blackberry unable to content even in the top 5 smartphone manufacturers as of now.

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Android’s percentage of marketshare fell down by 2% coming down to 51.7% right now compared to 53.7% last quarter. Blackberry was the major looser in the smartphone war in the US with a fall by 1.9% coming down to 5.4% right now. Apple’s iOS went up to 38.9% right now and things seem to be quite dependent on what Apple will be announcing later this summer. With flagship devices coming out from Samsung and HTC later this month, things look good for Android and Samsung to capture more marketshare before the launch of iPhone 5S.

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