Apple Goes (RED) To Mark World Aids Day

World Aids Day which is on 1st December, 2014 is a worldwide initiative taken up to spread awareness about the fatal disease. People all over the world unite by wearing a red ribbon on their left hand side. It is worn to show support to the ones who are suffering, and sympathies to the ones who couldn’t make through it. To make a mark on a larger scale, Apple has decided to wear a red ribbon too. Apple with support of the leading app developers are giving its users a convenient way to help (RED) acheive its goal of an Aids-free world. (RED) founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver is an organization which is fighting for an Aids-Free generation. Apple previously had raised $75 million for the same cause over the past eight years.
Starting from today (24/11/2014) to Sunday (7/12/2014), Apple’s App Store will include Apps for (RED) section which will offer 25 apps which consists of exclusive (RED) inspired content created by the developers of these apps. Anyone purchasing these apps or any in-app purchases from  any apps/games will be directly donated to the Global Fund raising program without Apple taking any share from it. Apple hasn’t limited this program only to its online platform. Apple customers in US will receive a special edition (RED) iTunes gift card on the purchase of selective Apple products. It will donate a percentage for its every gift card distributed. On 1st December, World AIDS Day which also happens to be a Cyber Monday and which is a major shopping day in US, Apple is going to donate a portion of their online and offline sales to the Global Fund. Apple hasn’t revealed the products nor the amount of percentage it will donate. Although, an Apple representative quoted in a USA article that one single iMac purchased on Dec 1 would provide enough antiretroviral medicine for 4 months for an HIV/AIDS patient.
The app makers which were asked to participated where overwhelmed with the opportunity to collaborate with Apple. Frank Gibeau of EA Mobile, who has made FIFA 15 & Sims FreePlay will be participating in the (RED) campaign. He was obliged to know that Apple saw their apps as a platform to do something massively good as this initiative. Here is a list of the 25 apps which have agreed to be a part of the Apple’s two week fundraising program: 25 Apps that are going (RED)

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