Apple iPhone 6 Plus : Big In Screen Size And Bigger In Data Consumption

Lately, anything related to iPhone 6 is grabbing much attention, isn’t it? Apple, after launching its much awaited big screen devices, ousted its rival Samsung in China. It reported record earnings for the last quarter and was also reported as the most preferred luxurious brand for gifting. With iPhone 6 Plus, Apple has gained a lot of user share all around the world. Talking more on iPhone 6 Plus is an annual report by Citrix.
In its latest Mobile Analytics Report, Citrix claimed that both the new models have comparatively consumed more data than the rest. The results from the reports can be summed up to conclude that phablet sized iPhone is responsible for driving double the data consumption when compared to other models. Citrix suggests that high data usage in iPhone 6 is due to the users treating it like tablets which leads in consumption of more media like streaming videos and movies on the device. As reported earlier that tablet market has witnessed a decline, reports from Citrix also supports the same. Figures collected sparks a suspicion that the jumbo size of the iPhones have led to the decline in demand for iPads.
Further, it was reported that Apple iOS continues to dominate the enterprise market. Following chart reveals the distribution of OS in different parts around the world. With Europe region showcasing biggest device diversity, it is evident that Windows OS devices are suffering all around.
Apple suffered a slight decline in American continent owing to acceptance of Windows based devices. With Apple gaining majority share in the Asia-Pacific region, it still lost its ground on account of many companies like Sony, HTC, LG ,etc. promoting Android OS in their devices in the region. Reports also suggested that iOS remains dominant in sectors like education and finance, which should be credited to Apple iOS being the lead in security.
Other details covered by the analysis suggested that there is an increase in the number of users interested in healthcare applications. This trend is followed for all the operating systems and not just iOS.
Summing up all the results showcased, it can be said that mobile data usage continues to grow both in volume and sophistication. And there are some interesting results about iPhone 6 and 6 Plus data consumption habits which sets up new landmarks in Apple’s journey of big sized devices.

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