Apple To Launch iOS 9 Beta For Everyone This Year

Technology industry has always been keen to know about the latest projects by Apple and Apple on the other hand has always applied secrecy to its hardware as well as software projects, but until the OS X Yosemite. With the launch of OS X Yosemite Beta version in public, it received an overwhelming response with about one million users opting for it in no time. After this successful program, Apple is now said to follow the same trend with its forthcoming version for mobile operating system, iOS 9.
This strategy holds ground as Apple has been cautious about releasing versions loaded with bugs, as happened to iOS 8.1.2. According to some reports, Apple will also roll out the beta version of iOS 8.3 for a limited number of participants. Although the previews of iOS 8.3 is already been released to the developers, it will now be open to general masses. This update is said to be moving to the AppleSeed program, where based on the needs of Apple’s engineering teams specific Apple customers are selected to test beta software.
iOS 9 though won’t see light, in any form, until Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference which is scheduled to be in June, 2015. According to some reports, iOS 9, codenamed ‘Monarch’ is concentrating on improvements in stability and performance rather that adding new features. For now, it is unclear whether if Apple will limit the number of beta users with the risk of those users stuck with buggy version of software. But experts are certain that the number will be considerably less in comparison to the count of a million for OS X Yosemite testing.
As per developer reviews on iOS 8.3, it has been improved to bring features like improved Emoji keyboard, wireless CarPlay, improvements in voice of Siri and easier log-in process for using Google services. Apart from improvements in stability, iOS 9 is tipped to be enabled with features like transit directions and indoor modes to mapping services. With Apple still due to launch its Apple Watch by this March, Apple fans have a lot to look forward to.

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