Samsung Delays The Launch Of The SmartWatch, Fears Apple Watch?

The world has been hearing about Samsung working on the Samsung Watch for quite some time. It is also believed that it’s specifically designed to take on the Apple Watch.  A new report by SamMobile, which is known to provide accurate details about the Samsung products still unannounced by the company, states that the company plans to delay the launch. Apparently the company is waiting for the hype of the Apple Watch to die down which completely seems like a logical move.

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SamMobile also learnt that the launch has been pushed to the second half of the year. It’s currently rumored that it will most probably launch alongside with Galaxy Note 5. It’s said that it is delayed so that the ‘company can follow a proper time table with the product launches’. But it’s believed that the main reason is so that Samsung can give the market some time to ‘settle’ down with the Apple Watch.
Apple watch, obviously, is one the of the most talked-about smart-watch. Plus, Samsung cannot forget the (several) failed attempts at presenting the smart-watch to the audiences. (Link it failed Samsung smart-watches) Making its wooing efforts not as successful as they must have hoped.
Somehow the highlight of the upcoming wearable device is its round dial. It is the first Samsung smart-watch with a round face. The world have earlier witnessed a similar pattern being followed by LG with the G Watch R smart-watches and by Motorola with Moto 360 where both adopted similar circular screens.
Also with a possibility of being launched as ‘Gear A’ it is reportedly also coming with a ‘rotating bezel ring’.
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Even though it was earlier rumored that this smart-watch was to be announced at MWC and hit the stores the same day as the Apple watch it is now expected to be announced at the IFA 2015. It is expected that the company will also announce about the launch of the Galaxy Note 5 alongside.
Featuring 2K or 4K Super Amoled Display, along with powered by an Exynos 7422 processor only one variant might be seen in the Note 5. There is also a possibility that Samsung will launch Project Zen which is expected to most probably replace Galaxy Note Edge. So, it might most probably be a completely new project and not just a variant of Note 5 with a curved display.

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