Apple's New App Moves Android To iOS

Apple’s latest tactic to get Android users to switch to iOS includes ” Move to iOS” app. The app literally does what its name suggests. It allowspeople switching to iOS devices to wirelessly switch from their Android
Apple listed ‘Move to iOS’ under the iOS 9 features today on their website. This feature came out as a surprise to everyone as it was never mentioned during the WWDC theme. Apple claims that the app makes the transition from Android to iPhone more smooth for the user.
It allows users to securely transfer their contacts, message history, camera photos and videos, web bookmarks, mail accounts, calendars, wallpaper, and DRM-free songs and books.
But everything is not as flashy as it seems and every good thing comes to an end. But the greatness of this app came to end pretty early, the biggest loop hole of it is that the users paid apps will be added to their iTunes Wish List. If the users want to download these paid apps, they will have to buy them again, voila win-win situation for both Apple and the paid app makers.
Apple will most probably launch this app along with iOS 9 both for Google’s Playstore and Appstore. The timing of launch plays a crucial role in deciding the fate of the app and it appears that Apple’s perfect move will be collaborating the launch dates.
Apple launched “Apple Music” earlier this year for the google’s android platform giving a glimpse of the polished interface. Earlier speculations were that Apple has finally decided to step into the android zone through their music app but their latest app confirms it as negative. Apple Music gave the users a taste of uniqueness and perfection and Move to iOS provides a gateway to this whole new interface to the android users.
It remains to be seen, if the app makes it big and promotes switching from Android to iOS like during the launch of Q2.

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