Apple Music To Be Launched For Rs.120 In India

Apple Music is going to be launched in India with a 3 month free trial period at Rs 120 per month. Along with this Apple has launched a family plan which covers six accounts for Rs 180.
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The company hasn’t stated whether India is one of the 100 countries included in the launch lineup for Apple Music on June 30th. But the news got confirmed by users of the iOS 9 Beta who stated the Indian Rupee prices being shown.
At the WWDC, the company only revealed the price for US which was $9.99 i.e. Rs 640 and the family pack for $14.99 i.e. Rs. 958.
For the subscription, users will get to listen to music from iTunes, with some exceptions, and play the music from Apple’s music social network Connect. Along with this users can listen to free Beats 1 radio station and all other Apple music stations. Users have unlimited skips on any stations along with unlimited music playback along with offline listening.
At the WWDC, Apple announced that if the local price is announced it will be closer to the applications launch. Currently with the surprising low prices set by the company it’s clear that Apple is trying to match its competitors in India.
Right now Apple is in competition with Spotify (Not in India) and Rdio Music who charge Rs 119 per month and Rs 178.50 for the family pack. Along with this there are many other services which tends to offer a greater variety of Indian music and comparatively fewer International tracks.
Other services include Gaana+ at Rs.99 and Rs. 199 per year. Wynk by Airtel for Rs.99 on Android and Rs. 120 on iOS.
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