Apple Reveals Its Own Battery Pack, Owns Up To Poor Battery Life on iPhone?

If you are someone surrounded by iPhone enthusiasts, you would have surely come across the conversation of going for a 5.5″ iPhone Plus compared to a regular 4.7″  – just for battery life benefits!
Even with all its wonderful hardware & efficiencies iPhone battery capacity has been compromised by Apple for ages now. It is hard to last an entire day with an iPhone and it seems, Apple has finally realised acknowledged it. Apple recently announced its own smart battery case that ups your iPhones battery to almost double.
Apple Smart Battery Case
Competing with an array of battery packs and battery cases that sell for smartphones by third party manufacturers and players like Asus & Xiaomi themselves, Apple’s Smart Battery Case might just push some more iPhone users to get additional battery support. It costs $99.
Apple’s new Smart Case has a 1,877mAh battery (which is a little on the lower side) and has no on/off switch. So once you have the case on, the battery from the Case would be used first. Your iPhone would show the remaining battery on both your Phone and the Smart Case, so no physical battery indicators are visible on the case from outside.
apple smart battery case India
Apple has been called out for the ‘goofy’ Smart Case design and it is speculated that the same may be because Apple is avoiding infringing upon patents filed by Mophie on battery case designs. The Smart Battery Case by Apple hasn’t reached India yet, but given that India is now a $1B market for Apple, it has been steadily launching new product here on time.
In India imported smart battery cases are available online for north of INR 10,000 at the moment. We expect the price to be closer to INR 8,999 when it officially launches here. The Smart Battery Case by Apple comes in two colours, Charcoal Grey and White.
Can’t help wondering if Samsung Mobile would now  follow Apple and release its own Super Smart Mobile Battery Covers for its Galaxy lineup? Or perhaps make an Ad mocking Apple for poor battery life?

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