5 Star Wars Wallpapers For iPhone That You Must Download

The most awaited Sci-Fi film of the year is just about here. Yes, it’s the time of the year that most of you have been waiting for right since it was announced that the Force will finally awake in December of 2015. Slated to beat the likes of Avatar as the biggest blockbuster hit, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is easily the most awaited release of the calendar year. The movie opened up to the audience of the United States to a rousing reception on December 18th in parts of the United States and Europe, though, in India, the release date has been set to 25th December so for us, the wait goes on.
And since this wait can be really painful given that half the world has already seen the movie, we set out to think how we can compensate for this. One simple way that we narrowed down to, was having wallpapers  that showed our love to Star Wars and the most popular characters within it. So, if you, just like us are a fan of the series, own an iPhone and would like yourself some Star Wars wallpapers, here are the top five ones that we have collected for you. Simply click on the wallpapers to view and download the full resolution version.
Before going ahead, would like to make it clear that we have picked up the images available readily online and optimised and edited them a little to suit the screen of iPhone 6s Plus, the largest iPhone available. All other iPhones will be without a doubt, supported and the wallpapers will work just fine.
Here are the wallpapers.

Wallpaper 1: Let’s Prepare For Hyperdrive

Wallpaper 5 (1)

Wallpaper 2: The Clones Are Coming

Wallpaper 4 (1)

Wallpaper 3: Kylo Ren’s New Lightsaber

Wallpaper 3 (1)

Wallpaper 4: Darkness Again!

Wallpaper 2 (1)

Wallpaper 5: Kylo

Wallpaper 1 (1)
Which of the above-listed wallpapers is your favorite and made it to your lockscreen? Or is it a Star Wars wallpaper that we did not list. Do let us know in the comments section below.

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