There is a New Selfie App For iOS and It's Made by Microsoft

The title may well be a bit of a shocker, but Microsoft has been working on and developing apps on and off both, for Android and iOS. Right from bringing their Microsoft Office Suite to both the platforms, Microsoft also has worked on the likes of a Note taking app or an E-Mail client for the likes of Hotmail in the past. However, the latest app to come out of Microsoft’s labs will surprise you.

Ms Selfie

The application is called Microsoft Selfie and is designed for your iPhone, iPod Touch or an iPad. The application allows you to either click or import a selfie and intelligently enhances it. The enhancements are done based on several accounts taken into consideration like age, gender, lightning etc and at one click, the app gives you an enhanced selfie that can be shared around.

Ms Selfie 2

Essentially, the app in the name of enhancements reduces the noise in the image, works on the exposure settings as well as the color theme so that the overall colors are more punchy and distortions around the surface are not very visible. The application requires, at least, iOS 8 on your device and is about 56.8 MB in size. The interface generally is extremely simple and there is virtually a no learning curve here. If you do not like what the app is suggesting, you can manually apply filters and change the effect if you do not see fit. Post this, you can save the image and share it across. A very similar app already exists for Windows Lumia devices and this release only highlights the efforts of Microsoft in trying to go heavy on services rather than keeping its services confined to its native platforms.

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