Will the iPhone 7 Plus Come with a Dual Camera Setup?

It is only January and the next iPhone is not expected to go on sale at least for another seven to eight months but that has not stopped the rumor mills to start churning in the stories, in anticipation of the most awaited smartphone launch of the year. There have been rumors around the specifications as well as the design of the design of the device, with Apple expected to go back to the design resembling the first generation of the iPod Touch.
Apple Patent
However, one report that really caught our attention was that iPhone 7 Plus would come with a Dual Camera setup. A bit like what we have seen on the HTC One M8. The secondary lens will most likely act as a depth sensor and will allow for artificial blurring of backgrounds, taking the photography on iPhones to a new level. The report comes from KGI, who have been really reliable when it comes to predicting Apple products. The report cites a patent that Apple filed as a source for the rumor about the upcoming feature.
The Dual Camera setup would be available only for the selected iPhone 7 Plus SKUs and not even on the iPhone 7. It is expected to be that one groundbreaking feature which would act as a corn sweetner, for the consumers compelling them to pick up the bigger of the two iPhones. The lens is going to be supplied by Sony, which has been the main supplier of the camera modules so far for Apple.
It is anybody’s guess whether the rumor would indeed translate into a product, though with the upcoming iPhone 5se perhaps the next device in line, it could be a long wait before any confirmation could be assumed.

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