iPhone 6 Vs. Freedom 251

Are you guys kidding me? You really think that a comparison even exists? If iPhone 6 is the Amitabh Bachan of Bollywood then Freedom 251 is KRK. We are sorry for the clickbait, but now that you are here, here is a piece of my mind.

The Noida based company, Ringing Bells was the talk of the town for the past few days because of their Freedom 251 smartphone. It does it make you question, what’s special in it? Well, the phone is priced for a mere amount of Rs. 251. To put it into perspective, the memory card which will be required for the external storage will cost more than it.

The phone did manage to raise some eyebrows when the specifications of this smartphone were unveiled. The specifications posted are no less than any other entry level android smartphone which is priced around Rs. 4,000-5,000. The phone has a 4.0” display, runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop and is a Dual-SIM device. On the processing front, the company promises 1.3GHz Quad-Core processor along with 1GB RAM.

After launching the phone on 17th, it was available for registration from 18th itself from their official website at 6AM. But alas, people were tired of trying their luck to pre-book the phones, and the ones who could actually manage to book the phones got a delivery date of 4 months i.e June 2016. No wonder, people went on to Twitter to vent out their frustration, only to find out they were not alone. When tried yesterday evening, the company had already shut pre-bookings claiming that they received more than 6 lakh hits per second. After witnessing all such hassle, we decided to have a fun take on the situation by comparing it with a phone which is 200x costlier than it. Yes, the iPhone 6, peculiarly because the Freedom 251 has a strong resemblance to the iPhone.