Looking Forward To iOS 9.3 Apple's Loop You In Event

Apple is all set for its newest announcements on March 21st at its Cupertino campus. There is a hotly debated list of predictions that everyone in the tech community has made about what Apple isa bout to unveil. The list includes a smaller screen iPhone, iPad Pro Mini and may be even new Macs.
let us loop you in
But the part I am most excited about is the iOS 9.3 and you should be too! For vast majority of iPhone users the event won’t bring a gadget that we will buy, but software release comes to all of us. iOS 9.3 is an exception by Apple where it makes a major feature set available to users apart from the yearly cycle.
iOS 9.3 will feature Night Shift, that changes the tone of your iOS devices to make it much more soothing to read after sunset. A much wanted feature is protecting your device content is also coming up with Notes adding the ability to add a touch ID protection. For writers like me it means no one can access my embarrassing drafts by just getting hold of my phone for a bit.
I am hoping that features like protecting your device content also comes to Photos & other apps, something that Android has long enabled with third party apps. A guest mode to use the iPhone is also long due, but nevertheless, perhaps here is a hint at whats coming with iOS 10.
You may also want to watch-out for some better accessories to come up from Cupertino. That would be welcome by existing iOS 6 / 6s or watch users 🙂

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