The Latest Apple Video Ad Tells you why Should you be using iMessage to Protect the Environment

Apple is the master of subtle branding, and literally nobody does it better than them, when it comes to silently dropping a hint or making a subtle product integration. On the eve of Global Earth Day, which is celebrated on April 22nd, Apple has released a new video highlighting their initiatives in giving back to the planet Earth. The video re-emphasis Apple’s commitment towards using renewable sources of energy ad protecting the environment, a stand that they have been very vocal about in their most recent keynotes as well.
The short 40-second video ad beautifully integrates iMessage with the environment and assures you that everytime you are sending an iMessage you are basically doing good to the environment. The way this works is that every message is relayed through Apple’s Data-center, which is 100% powered by renewable sources of energy such as solar and wind energy. Therefore by not using any other messaging service where the source of power could well be a fossil fuel, you are making a small contribution and showing love to Earth.

As a cynic, you can go ahead and find multiple flaws in the theory and criticize, but if you look at the ad very innocently, like most people would, it does make you feel good about using Apple’s product and Apple definitely drives that little bit of user delight experience.
I just might share the URL of this post with my friends using iMessage post publishing it, after all, it’s the World Earth Day and we got to show the planet some love, right?

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