Apple Has Released the iOS 9.3.2 Update But You Should Wait

Apple last night released the iOS 9.3.2 update for its mobile devices. As always, the update is live for all supported iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices so that they can all be on the same page as far as the software goes and apps can be compatible across. This is the vertical integration that Android devices have been sourly missing and although a boon for Apple device users, there could be some bad news this time around.
The iOS 9.3.2 update, that was released last night is said to be bricking several iPad Pros. According to a report published in Forbes as soon as some iPads are updating to the latest OTA, the users are shown an Error 56, which asks them to connect their device to iTunes. However, even if you do that, nothing really happens and the device is rebooted back to the same state. This is not the first time where an OTA has broken the experience as something similar was observed where setting your devices’ date back to 1970 was bricking it too. To their credit, Apple did release a fix for the same really fast.
So far, there is nothing of note coming from Apple Support, but you would assume if this is a serious issue an OTA would be pushed really fast to patch things. Whatever it is, we would not advise you to immediately go ahead and update your Apple device to iOS 9.3.2 right now.
Source: 9to5mac, Forbes

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