iPhone 7 to Have a Familiar iPhone 6 Design as Apple Plots Major Changes for the 10th Anniversary Edition in 2017

If you have been holding out for an iPhone in 2016, you may want to turn away from reading this post. Apple has generally followed a two-year cycle, where the phone launched in the even years usually get a major design refresh, while the odd year launches are iterative updates. By that logic, the iPhone 7 due to be launched in 2016, should bring a new fresh design, which would interest a lot of people who have not been sold on the curves of the iPhone 6 and the 6s. But looks like this trend is going to go away and Apple will stay true to the design of the iPhone 6s on the iPhone 7.
iPhone render
According to a report in WSJ, who mind you, have an excellent record when it comes to Apple scoops, the iPhone 7 will have the same design as the iPhone 6 and 6s sans the headphone jack and added thinness as a result. The result of this is because Apple is mindful that 2017 would mark the tenth anniversary of the first iPhone and wants to keep the best for then. According to the same report, the iPhone 8 will come with an edge to edge display with perhaps and AMOLED panel too. The much identifiable Home button would be replaced with a fingerprint scanner that would be built into the display itself, something that Apple has been internally been a fan of.
Apple fears that the technology for these mainstream changes is not mature enough just now and as a result will take its time to deliver the device. The device in 2017 is slated to be called the iPhone 8 and not the 7s as it generally happens in the odd years. So, if you have been waiting out for the iPhone 7 in the hopes of a major upgrade, you may want to pick up the iPhone 6s if you get a good deal anytime soon. Oh, or you could just wait for the iPhone 7 which would bring an inevitable drop in the prices of the iPhone 6s making it an even sweeter deal.
Via: WSJ

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