Pangu Team Shows Off That it is Working on Jailbreak For iOS 10

If you thought jailbreak was gone and done away with just because there has not been a lot that is written and spoken about it in the past few years or so, then you could not be possibly more wrong. Pangu, a Chinese Hacking team, who is responsible for the last few Cydia releases that we have seen showed off an iPhone with iOS 10 Beta on it and running Cydia.
They exposed that iOS 10 was still vulnerable to be hacked into and they were only too obliged to do so. The revelation was made in a public conference called MOSEC, which is a security conference that is held in China. This is after a very long time that we have seen a demonstration of a jailbreak on a fairly public platform, and clearly indicates that Jailbreak is not dead.
If you are on iOS 9.3.2 then, there is good news too, as it was later confirmed by SPOC for the conference, that Pangu did demo jailbreak for iOS 9 and that despite Apple’s best efforts to plug the holes in the security they were still able to find ways through and get the jailbreak out. It is not clear when and if at all publically, these Jailbreaks will be released, but for the community sake, we hope they come soon so that you can go ahead and play around with your iPhone the way you want to .
Via: 9to5Mac

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