Twitteratis React To The Mind Blowing Phone, Galaxy Note 7

Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 7 on August, 2016.  The Note 7 which was supposed to be a showstopper turned out to be a WMD for Samsung. The sole reason being dangerous issues with the battery. Due to which, the phone is already banned by several airlines.

The media is constantly buzzing with Note 7 exploding at different places, this has resulted in negative PR for Samsung. And Twitteratis could not resist making joke on it, too. Below are some of the funny ones:

  1. Owning a limited edition phone:

2. When you need those Microwave mitts!

3. GTA 5 MOD is here!

4. Take a Selfie at your risk!

5. Samsung’s new accessory, a fire extinguisher.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 indeed is a phone which will blow your mind!

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