360-degree view of the expected iPhone 8

As the iPhone launch event is approaching, and the rumour mill has been churning new renders and leaked images in large magnitudes. The latest one involves a video that has surfaced from OnLeaks and TigerMobiles. The video demonstrates a 360-degree view at what the iPhone 8 will most likely look like.

Watch here

It can be observed from the video that Apple has made major changes to the design language from the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. These changes involve a complete overhaul to the display, gunning towards a display covering the entire front side of the phone with exception of vital sensors and the earpiece. The iconic home button has also been eliminated in lieu for a  bezel-less display. The fingerprint sensor, branded as TouchID by Apple is expected to be under the display as it is not visible elsewhere.

The camera bump is also visually larger than the iPhone 7 Plus’ and is now vertical featuring a flash between the cameras instead of beside the camera duo on the iPhone 7 Plus. Among other changes that are visible directly is the elongated power button which is now much taller than the one on the existing and earlier iPhones. The iPhone 8 now features a screen size bigger than what Apple has on either the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. However, the overall footprint of the iPhone 8 falls between that of the iPhone 7 and its Plus sibling.
Despite the design overhaul, it still rocks some of Apple’s classical traits such as the volume rockers, the Apple logo at the back of the device and the mute switch. The connectivity to the iPhone has also been retained through the lightning connector and the headphone jack sadly is still missing.

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