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2018 iPhones May Feature Japan Display’s 18:9 Full Active LCDs

Soon after the unveiling of the iPhone X as the first OLED panel enabled smartphone from Apple, the rumor mill started speculating that all the iPhones releasing next year would be featuring OLED screens. However, a fresh report from The Wall Street Journal reveals that certain iPhones from 2018 may feature advanced LCD panel manufactured by Japan Display (JDI).
In the previous month, JDI claimed that the Full Active display panels are expected to account more than 70 percent of its business in smartphone and smart device segments for the year ending in March 2019. Employees of companies that work with the Japanese firm have revealed that Apple has directly approached and shown interest in using Full Active LCDs. The Cupertino company has declined to comment on its collaboration with Japan Display for 2018 iPhones.
In June, JDI had unveiled a 6-inch Full Active LCD panel that produces a Full HD+ resolution of 1,080 x 2,160 pixels. Since it is equipped with JDI’s second-generation Pixel Eyes technology, the new LCD panel can deliver deep black colors. Moreover, the display also features water-resistant capabilities that will make it usable even with wet fingers. It also offers an aspect ratio of 18:9.
Japan Display JDI
So far, Xiaomi is the only company that has used JDI’s Full Active display on its Mi MIX 2 flagship phone. The bezels that are present on the current OLED panels measure around 1mm. However, the bezels of the Full Active LCD panel measure only 0.5mm.
It appears that at least one of the 2018 iPhones will be arriving with a 6-inch display. The iPhone X features an OLED panel manufactured by Samsung. Each OLED panel unit for iPhone X comes at a price of about $120 to $130. However, the LG-made LCD panels that are used on iPhone 8 and 8 Plus cost around $50. According to JDI, its Full Active LCDs has the benefits of an OLED panel and that too at a lower price.
Newer reports suggest that all the 2019 iPhones will feature OLED panels. JDI is slated to begin the mass production of OLED screens in April 2019. It seems that until JDI and LG do not begin large scale production of OLED panels, Apple may continue to launch iPhones with Full Active LCDs. The Cupertino company may continue to use JDI’s regular LCD panels for older iPhones that it would be manufacturing in the near future.
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