Apple iPhone 9, Xs and Xs Plus Likely to Support Gigabit LTE Connectivity

Apple has reportedly decided to not to use Qualcomm LTE modems on its forthcoming 2018 iPhones because of the ongoing patent battle between them. Fresh information suggests that the Cupertino company will be using LTE modems from Intel and MediaTek on its upcoming iPhones. These modems are rumored to deliver gigabit LTE connectivity on the next-generation iPhones.
In the U.S., the CDMA variants of the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X that feature Qualcomm’s X16 wireless modem is able to deliver faster connectivity than the inferior Intel XMM 360 modem that can be found GSM variants of these phones. Recent reports suggest that Apple will not be using Qualcomm’s LTE modems for its future phones. By doing this, Apple may want to avoid licensing and royalty fees that it has been paying for using the LTE modems from Qualcomm.
Intel is rumored to supply Apple with vast majority of gigabit LTE modems for the 2018 iPhones. MediaTek is rumored provide the Cupertino company with the remaining stock of modem. This could be a good move for Apple as Intel that has a less market share in wireless modems may provide it with LTE modems at a reasonable price compared to Qualcomm. Moreover, MediaTek is also becoming popular brand when it comes to LTE modem.
Recent rumors have revealed that Apple will be releasing three iPhones in the coming year. One of them is expected to feature TFT LCD panel and the remaining two may arrive with OLED panels. These iPhones are rumored to respectively launch as iPhone 9, iPhone Xs, and iPhone Xs Plus.
The iPhone 9 is expected to arrive with a 6.9-inch LCD panel whereas the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Plus are speculated to arrive with 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch OLED panels. The OLED iPhones arriving in 2018 may sport the same design and premium pricing like the iPhone X. The iPhone Xs Plus may come with an internal storage of 512 GB and may also carry support for dual SIM.
The LCD iPhone is expected to debut as the entry level phone from the company as it will be priced between $649 to $749. These iPhones are heavily pegged to come enabled with Face ID feature and are likely to come with Touch ID sensor. The 2018 iPhones are also speculated to arrive with 3D sensing rear-facing camera for AR. The specifications of the 2018 iPhones are likely to get finalized by late Q1 or Q2 next year. As usual, the new iPhones are pegged to launch in September next year.

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