The iPod business for Apple is almost coming to end of life. However iPhones is still growing in momentum. It brings Cupertino over 50% of its revenue at the moment. The problem for Apple is that it is no longer the force to reckon with when it comes to smartphones. In India you cannot be iOS first as a developer and perhaps you can survive without an iOS app. Android phones are cheap and billions of users who are still to get their first smartphone would probably get a low cost one. That’s not a market Apple has any hold on.

Apple’s issue starts with the increasing gap between Android and iPhone prices. See the graph below.

Price Gap


An average Android phone today sells for less than half of what the iPhone costs. The price gap is a staggering $374. Apple’s earnings call yesterday revealed that 80% of iPhone 4S buyers were first time iPhone users. What does this tell us? iPhone 4S is the cheapest usable iPhone on the market today. People want an iPhone, but they can’t afford the 5c or the 5s. That’s the reality of the Indian market.  [click to continue…]

Apple has a somewhat uphill battle to win back the smartphone war. Yes, let’s admit it that they have fallen behind and in their own words “Consumers Want What We Don’t Have”. As smartphone market explodes across the globe, Apple is finding it hard to stay relevant in emerging markets. India and China are large mobile markets. The sheer number of people living outside the United States makes the global play important. A lot of what Apple does is magic in US, but does it work globally?

Apple iPhone 5

Why Small Screens Is A Problem

Apple has relatively smaller screens on its smartphones today. Android has taken the smartphone screen to over 5″ and anything below 4.5″ isn’t really a flagship phone anymore. While Apple need not compete with Android on specs, but consumers now want larger screens. Imagine an entry level consumer who uses a Micromax Canvas phone with 5″ screen. It costed him Rs 10,000. Over the years he would upgrade and as he looks to get a high end smartphone, he is already used to LARGE screens that that would eliminate iPhone from his choice list. Evolving smartphone users are used to large screens, apart from that Androids ecosystem has them covered very well with Dual SIM and Free apps. Small screens is becoming a vicious circle for Apple.  [click to continue…]

When the iPad launched in 2010, Apple competitors were taken by surprise. They were still dealing with the iPhone revolution and Apple re-invented another product category that no one was concentrating on. The handheld industry was never the same again.

Samsung was the first one to respond with a underpowered and poorly optimized 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab. It bombed for all practical purposes with poor reviews all around. However Samsung had sales numbers to throw at the public that made us feel that the Tab was successful. They reported sales of 2 million Galaxy Tab tablets while the true figures released during recent patent trials in US courts was at around 1 million units. These figures as as per Samsung’s own internal documents.  [click to continue…]

While Appel did budge and increase the size of the Apple iPhone with the iPhone 5, however a 4″ screen in 2014 isn’t the right size? Has the market moved away from Apple’s magical iPhone screen size? Something that was gigantic back in 2007 even with 3.5″ surface.

Retina Display

In documents submitted to the court during the ongoing Samsung vs Apple patent battle, it has come to light that Apple has been fretting over the iPhone screen size falling short of popular demand. Cheap Android devices with 5″ screens have become very popular with manufacturers like Micromax making the most of this opportunity. [click to continue…]

With the fresh worldwide release of Apple’s newest phones (the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S), users might get confused as to whether or not it’s great to upgrade their still relatively fresh iPhone 5. These two new devices, especially the budget-friendly 5C, gives another option to those who are yet to get on the iDevice hype train. Below, we’ll help you in making the decision of moving to the new iPhone or staying with the old one. [click to continue…]

Micromax’s price graph for the Canvas 2 A110 Superphone has a story to tell. In fact the phone itself is a case study material in itself. Micromax for long has taken the famous and made it for the common man. Be it the Dual SIM phones with Blackberry style QWERTY keyboards. Or WiFi phones below Rs 5,000. But who knew the Canvas 2 A110 would do that to the premium Android phones on offer.  Costing Rs 10,000 originally and the recent stock shortage pushing the price to as much as Rs 12,000, the A110 is a story of exceptional demand by offering Value for money.

Pricebaba - Price Change of Micromax Canvas 2 A110  - Jan 28, 2013 (1)

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Nokia has been struggling to get traction with its newly acquired smartphone avatar with Microsofts Windows Phone OS. The Finnish manufacturer that ruled the mobile phone market for several years is finding it tough to stay relevant in the smartphone age. Some key launches for Nokia this season are the Windows Phone 8 devices, Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia Lumia 820 (check price) and the Nokia Lumia 620. Priced at Rs 25,200 at launch, the Nokia Lumia 820 does its bit when it comes to competing with the Galaxy S2. It gives a 4.3″ screen, 8MP camera, 720p video recording and a 1.5 GHz processor / 1GB RAM duo to support the device. [click to continue…]

Samsung is known to take jabs at competitors with aggressive advertising. We have seen enough Galaxy vs iPhone ads and it seems, Samsung is now focusing on the enterprise market and their target is none other than the beleaguered business phone maker, RIM Blackberry! The Ad (video below) shows business users transitioning to touch friendly smartphones instead of typical restricted Blackberry devices. The video does show reality of business users carrying two separate phones, a Blackberry and a personal device and the trend of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).


Samsung has a Galaxy At Work site that describes the SAFE technology that Samsung is pushing for enterprises. Features like Activesync, VPN support and On-device AES 256-bit on the Galaxy S3 and the Note II are highlighted. Here is a video of the Samsung Ad: [click to continue…]

Apple is fast losing its magical hold on the smartphone market. Nothing wrong with its products, the iPhone 4s and 5 are brilliant devices and iOS is as reliable and powerful as ever. However the competition isn’t lagging behind like 2008 – 2009. They have caught up with the full touchscreen era and the Galaxies and Ones are selling well, satisfying the consumers for a much lesser cost. Apple remains a premium player, selling the 4S and 4 for a discount and maintaining a premium with the iPhone 5. However, people are skeptical to buy a 2 year old iPhone 4 (even though it is still great to use!). The faster release cycle and plenty of variety provided by Android works for most.

Apple took more than a year to upgrade the iPhone 4 to 4S and shifted its iPhone recycle date from June/July to October. It is probably time to shift back to the WWDC time it seems. There are plenty of reasons for the same. To begin with an Analyst claim of production for 5S starting in March with a 4.8″ screen, we of course do not believe the latter. [click to continue…]

Nokia is finally out with its latest Windows Phone offering, the Lumia 920. The Nokia Lumia 920 is selling for Rs 36,500 In India (check latest price) and the same now carries the fate of Nokia’s mobile future. Powered by the latest Microsoft Windows Phone 8 OS, the Lumia 920 features wireless charging, full HD capabilities, a 1.5GHz processor and a 4.5″ full touchscreen.

The highlight of the Lumia 920 of course is the Optical Image Stabilization 8MP camera that reduces shake when shooting action videos, brilliant low light still photos and ability to use the touchscreen with gloves on. Nokia is leaving no stone unturned in touting the camera capabilities of the 920, however the harsh reality remains, the OS that this product ships with isn’t upto the mark yet. It lacks the customizations of Android or the apps strength of iOS. At Rs 36,500, the Lumia 920 is a bit more expensive than the iPhone 4S and somewhat close to the iPhone 5. [click to continue…]

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