Alap Naik Desai

iPhone is a great price of hardware. However, as with any mobile, there are ways to make your tasks even easier than they already are. I have scourged the net to find the best shortcuts for your beloved iOS. Read on. These will surely come in handy: [click to continue…]

Cydia is by far one of the best parallel app stores for an iOS device. I am not going to sing its praises. However, many-a-times Cydia behaves erratically. One simply cannot fathom why. Further uninstalling & re-installing Cydia is not an easy task. One has to literally dig below the surface & re-do everything. You also risking loosing your Jailbroken Status. Who would want that right?

Hence, We have tried to find simpler diagnostic steps that one can do before one decides to do the Final step of uninstalling & reinstalling Cydia. We had attempted one method, which worked earlier. Consider this article an extension.

There are numerous ways to try & see if Cydia resumes smooth operation. To make it do so, we should first see if some garbage (of the soft kind) is laying around in the Cydia house on your iPhone.

Many-a-times the updates have a lot to do with the way Cydia behaves or misbehaves. Hence it is important to get rid of these “Junk” files. [click to continue…]

Apple’s iOS 5 might have brought with it a host of features, but as with all updates, there has to be few bugs. Usually, poor audio, call drops are fixed by small incremental updates. However, some problems needs elbow-grease.

Some iPhone 4S, for example, definitely suffer from the no-audio-on-outgoing-calls bug. However, many have reported a loss of the “Camera roll” post updating to iOS 5. [click to continue…]

Blackberry has been long been able to multi-task. So has Symbian. Android does it well too. However iPhone even with its vast processing power of A4 & A5 processors, could not effectively multitask until iOS 4. As with everything great to be done on iPhone, true multi-tasking begins with Jail-Breaking.

Let’s see how to enable active for iOS 3: [click to continue…]

In the locked-out world of iOS from Apple, getting a decent file Manager is next to impossible. Especially if you are a Windows user. Sure there’s Fugu for the Mac, but for windows there’s only one true File Explorer & Manager: iExplorer. In our “How-To” articles we will be frequently referring to the use of the iExplorer for copy-pasting & deleting files.  Hence, this is a small tutorial about iExplorer.

This Application (I will not use the word ‘App’ here), works very similarly to the simple Windows Explorer In XP & Windows 7. Further, the good news is that it works on Both 32 Bit or 64 Bit windows 7. Hence relax. If you do not know what is 32 / 64 Bit don’t worry. Ignore the statement. [click to continue…]