Jassi Anand

Apple wants iPods.comApple first introduced iPod in October 2001 and then soon owned iPod.com domain. It owns the iPod trademark. In April 2002 someone registered a domain named iPods.com. They had used the trademark in their domain name but Apple didn’t go after the owners of the domain.

After 9 years, Apple realizing the importance of the domain they lodged a complaint that the domain name should be transferred over to them. Apple owns the iPod trademark and thinks that they are the rightful owner of the domain name. So they decided to own the domain name.  since it owns the trademark it looks like the dispute will be resolved rapidly. Continue Reading

EMI Joins AppleReports since morning claim that EMI signed a deal with Apple for cloud based music services. And Warner music group is also said to have signed up with Apple for cloud music services last month. Its natural that Apple is also negotiating with Sony Music Group and Universal Music Group. This means that Apple will sign contracts with all four major music companies and this means big! [click to continue…]

NVIDIA CEONVIDIA CEO  Jen-Hsun Huang is disappointed with the sales of Android tablets. NVIDIA is a manufacturer of components which are there in many tablets. Many Android tablets are powered by processors of NVIDIA namely dual core Tegra 2.

When it comes to sales Android tablets are way below the Apple’s iPad. [click to continue…]

landmine detector

As we have already seen that iPhone can be used for knee replacement surgeries (DASH) now we can also use iPhone to detect land mines. Land mines are very effective remnants. There are many protocols to locate landmines but now with the iPhone the technology has evolved.

Metal detectors are used to find mines buried in the land. This is a time consuming process. To improve the technology computer scientists at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) have used Smartphone tied with the metal detector.

Pattern enhancement tool for [click to continue…]

Apple taking the tablet market by storm is no secret. Recently a research conducted by Nielsen in April has confirmed Apple’s dominance in the US tablet market. The iPad tops the chart with a dominating (to say the least) 82% followed by Samsung’s Galaxy Tab at a mere 4%, more closely followed by Dell’s Streak @3% and Motorola Xoom @2%.

The findings of the polled survey also reveals that of the iPad users, [click to continue…]