HTC has its latest Android to fight the iPhone. While Apple and HTC battle it out in the courts to settle the IP issues, the real battle is on the ground.

Android is buzzing and Steve Jobs has certainly tried his best with the iPhone 4 to take a lead. But what does the iPhone is the fact that there would be many many more Android devices (and better than the Evo 4G) coming up before the iPhone4 gets a refresh in 2011. Can iOS 4 and iPhone 4 hold ground till then? Unlikely! [click to continue…]

The huge popularity of Apple iPhone 4 and fans anxiously going in for an upgrade without a thought has led to an accumulation of older models of iPhone. The prices of these models have gone down tremendously. The new iPhone 4 buyers who were once happy customers of the older versions have given away their phones to online retailers for resale. The online retailers like, eBay and others have reported a big peak in their listings of older iPhone versions. The iPhone 3GS 32GB, which was sold at [click to continue…]

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Finally there’s some authentic news flowing in. We saw a lot of turmoil going on about the iPhone 4 reception issue since its launch. With the replies coming in from Job’s side, people were enraged all the more and their anger was visible on many known forums. Finally guys at Engadget have confirmed with the Apple PR and finally said that many emails claimed to be from SJobs are actually fake! We already know how easy it is to fake the emails, so we can support and give a chance to Apple in this case, thinking all the chain of emails regarding the reception issue were fake.

But, in the D8 interview and at WWDC 2010 Jobs himself confessed that he does reply to some individual emails. Now which all emails are we supposed to think of being faked and which were genuinely answered by Jobs. This still keeps the element of doubt in our minds! Stay tuned, we might find more on this interesting and confusing scenario. :)

Looks like more and more law firms are coming up to address the Apple’s iPhone 4 reception issue. Firms like The Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff Legal Firm have taken up this issue quite seriously and are urging the iPhone 4 customers, who have experienced the reception problem in their new device, to let them know about it via chat, email and instant messaging and they will take up the issue against the Apple on the grounds of law.

These firms have dealt with high profile class-action lawsuits [click to continue…]

iPhone 4 launches with big hefty lines of apple lovers waiting to get their most awaited gizmo from the stores! Now those of few who have got their hands on this iDevice are facing some serious problems. There is not one but three issues concerned reported by some of the users. Macrumors forums have many users complaining about these problems. The question that arises here is: Are some units of iPhone having these issues or all of the units that are manufactured?

Note: I strongly believe that such reports after every iPhone launch comes out and fizzles away in a few days.

Oh! We wouldn’t arouse your curiosity more and lets straight take you to the problems faced by some users:

1. When the iPhone is held in hands, which surround the band of steel, are affecting the reception of signals. Some users have reported it saying that when it is left alone, it has proper 4 to 5 signal bars, but when the device is resting on the palm and then having the fingers and the thumb firmly gripped using the steel bands, the signal bars drop to nearly none! They also have uploaded a video illustrating this problem. Here’s the video on [click to continue…]

The iPhone 4 has been in a buzz in the tech world since its announcement. Jobs has managed to meet the expectations of all the Apple users with this mighty iDevice. While the BlackBerry(BB) Bold 9700 took a big leap in comparison to its predecessors in terms of design and performance. Its a tough job to compare BlackBerry and Apple as they both are doing really well when it comes to satisfying their targeted consumers. We won’t be comparing them down here since they both serve different purpose (That is a different story that they are working harder covering the other aspects they are lacking in).

1) Camera: BB comes with a 3.15MP camera, LED flash and a pretty good resolution than what we have seen in earlier BBs. [click to continue…]

The BlackBerry (BB) Storm2 9550 (9530 / 9820) is another attempt by BlackBerry. There is a world of touch screen cell phones and to compete with them, BB learnt some lessons from its serious mistakes, BlackBerry Storm, and pushed Storm 2 in the race. And when it is up against Apple’s iPhone, it really needs some courage and something special. Apple, the touch inventor, is moving running with a great pace in this race, making the run difficult for its rivals! Yes, you will know when we get them neck to neck for comparison. So let the battle begin. [click to continue…]

Android 2.2 aka Froyo is out already and we can expect the same to hit the HTC Incredible sometime in the future. But keeping aside the software aspect, here is how the iPhone 4 stands against the HTC Droid Incredible. Verizon did superb with the original Motorola Droid (also known as Milestone) and it still happens to be the best selling Android device out there. Minus the physical keyboard and add HTC to the mix and we get the Droid Incredible. This one turned out to be a popular alternative to the 3GS or the Miletstone, but are things changing with the new iPhone 4th generation? The Incredible brings in a lot of additional things like a FM radio, 8MP camera and support for Adobe Flash. On UI side, HTC has its Sense UI that comes in again and it is getting better by the day. The iOS has added crucial elements like multitasking to its inventory now, but guess the Incredible might just be able to hold off for Verizon.

HTC is a fierce competitor for Apple and perhaps the biggest manufacturer of Windows Mobile and Android. The heat between HTC and Apple has been such that suit and counter suits have been filed wrt to patent disputes between the two companies. If there is something that steals the show from Cupertino, its Android powered HTC devices out there. With the latest Froyo build and superior hardware specs, the fight goes close enough. Does the App Store make a difference is perhaps a question to ask. Guess we will wait for a hands-on before passing a judgment on this!

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Cloud Browse

Cloud Browse

Look what App Store’s got for you! The app  for iPhone/iPod touch, Cloud Browse is something which is worth a try. With the help of Cloud Browse, you can now view Flash contents on your iDevice. The current version is the beta version, thus its free. It does crash occasionally. iTunes will be coming up with its premium version soon. At the moment, Cloud Browse is meant for iPhone and iPod Touch, but they plan the same for iPad too after the premium version for iPhone and iPod Touch is out.

We tested this app by surfing running a flash heavy video website named (on both Safari and Cloud Browse), where the Safari failed to load all the videos on the page (asked to download adobe flash), Cloud Browse did well in loading all the videos on the page and also played the video! So go for it! 😀 [click to continue…]

When it comes o audio streaming there were several shortcomings, in the iPhone OS 2.2. Scrubbing through a podcast or audio stream was a big pain. Most of the times your streaming would start all over from the begging and listening to podcasts was just another great bummer.

Now in the iPhone OS 4 you can simply tap on the title and begin streaming (without actually having to download it). [click to continue…]