Is it worth while to buy them …26 Apps at just 0.99$ surely is eye melting price to miss? What’s more, catch is recommend one friend and get 1 bonus apps free, AHHH so now I have 27 apps at just 0.99$ one can be insane to miss it. But beware “All that Glitters are not always Gold.”
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Lately, we noticed some interesting mocked up home screen for iPhone on teehanlax. They have changed the screen to make it more informative when locked in the standby mode.

Also, the ability to scroll down the home screen has been explored at the same time. [click to continue…]

The rumors about the possible upgrades we would see on the iPhone in 2010 are endless. And here we have a whole new list of features that are outed by the South Korean carrier KT’s officials. Apple Indsider reports that KT is speculating that Apple might unveil an iPhone with OLED display, video calling capability, removable battery and a dual-core processor as soon as April 2010 (yes April and not May as we heard yesterday). The talks of a dual core Apple handheld are nothing new, given the fact that they have  acquired chip manufacturer – PA Semi in 2008 (and over a 100 Intel, Samsung and other tech cos employees now wearing the Apple badge) but an OLED display, removable battery and video calling is surely something to keep up with the competition. Nexus One, the latest iPhone competitor by Google features a OLED display and the same are expected to be a norm for most high profile smartphone releases in 2010.

If Apple decides not to go with its own CPU for the iPhone, the best available option is the Cortex-A9 processor design from ARM that is capable of breaking the 2GHz mark. The original iPhone and the 3G were alone enough to stress the AT&T network, and despite pouring in over $30 bln into its network upgradation, AT&T still faces a lot of criticism on the iPhone reception. Any new carrier getting the explosive iPhone 4G needs to beware of this!

We have already heard that the iPhone 4G currently in production has a 5MP camera with LED Flash, multitasking and supports new carriers like Verizon or T-Mobile. If Apple goes ahead and adds a super gaming chip like the Power … and a dual core processor this could well be another game changer in the mobile industry. Apple changed they way smartphones are designed with the original iPhone in 2007, they might still up the ante with the iPhone 4G.

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cliq interface

The latest Android with some new spice is official. The Motorola Cliq brings an all new direction too the once leading mobile manufacturer. After the superhit days of MotoRazr, Motorola has quite failed to churn out any significantly successful smartphone. The A760 and A1000 that were amongst my favourite touchscreen devices, but the subsequent upgrades like A780 and A1200 were disappointing.

With the new direction that Motorola is now sailing towards, it bears the Android flag and the first device coming out are the Cliq. Motorola has loaded this with a custom UI called the MOTOBLUR. This integrates all your social media (online platforms) together and draws similarity to the Palm Pre’s synergy. But this reminds me more of what Nokia tried to do with live widgets in the N97.

Its our nasty habit, and not entirely justified to compare each and every full touchscreen phone with the iPhones. But the 3GS today still remains to be the benchmark for any smartphone that is touch centric. So how does things look for the Cliq vs the iPhone 3Gs?

Note: The Cliq is not yet officially out and thus we only have some early reviews on the prototype’s that people have played with and of course the details that the company has made available during launch. [click to continue…]

I would like to share my two top recommend Apps that currently allow Push Notifications. Okay, well my first one will be AP Mobile, AP Mobile is a free news App found in the app store. It sends you push notifications on breaking news alerts (which I have found very helpful). The app also lets you customize your front page, with tons of categories (I will not lost them all), but I highly recommend that App!
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Here, is a quick list of what we can expect form the iPhone Firmware v2.0 which is expected to be released shortly. This is a leading update for Apple as the iPhone is picking up across the globe and it sure has momentum. Firmware v2.0 will enhance the working of your iPhone. The iPhone has got millions worth of free media with the incredible UI / and multi touch hardware that Apple has released. The future iterations of the iPhone are perhaps the most awaited gadget across the world. We would bet a lot of our money on the App Store. iTunes is killer business.

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Piano for the iPhone 1.x

by onlygeek on March 22, 2008 · 3 comments


iAno.. Iphone Piano

Softwares for the iPhone are never ending and for all those music freaks here is the Piano and the Guitar for the iPhone!! Enjoy…

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We caught up with probably one of the most roughed up iphone! The owner of this highly battered Apple iphone Hemant, has dropped it from a running train, an autorikshaw, while riding his bike … and probably more ways than what we can even think of.
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You need not look for a WiFi connection (or the super fast EDGE network) to show your favourite videos to your friends, instead you can save those kewl Youtube videos onto your iphone directly! MxTube does the trick! These 3rd party apps on the iphone (Read Jailbroken iphone) has truly discovered the iphone. Video downstairs

But wait, there’s more to it now. Apple has just released the iphone SDK with a number of companies (EA, AOL etc) testifying that it will bring some of the best apps for the iphone shortly.

iPhone SDK released! So what does it truly implies? Better softwares? More features?
Well not actually – but one Thing for sure and that are more $$ for Apple and popularity for iPhone!

We have seen some exceptionally terrific apps for the iPhone (unofficial though), but with an official SDK release Apple now provides the same platform to the developers that its own engineers use! And to our delight Apple will let developers release Free Softwares of the iPhone officially!

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