iOS 6 is here along with the iPhone 5 and we are wondering what to make of the launch. The hardware is a worthy upgrade and we have already given it a thumbs up, but iOS 6 is where Apple is being criticized. And heavily in the last two days. The change in iOS 6 that hurts the most is the Maps App from Apple. Google had its time on the iPhone, with iOS 6, out goes the popular Google Maps and Apple brings in its own solution. The problem, it is half baked to say the least.

So if you are one of those who has upgraded to iOS 6 or simply bought a new iPhone 5, what are your options? Well there are precisely two small things you can try to ease the situation. Of course, some lucky ones can explore options to go back to iOS 5.1.1, others continue reading. [click to continue…]

After much delay and overboard expectations, Apple launched the iPhone 5 on 12th September. Due to go on sale shortly, the pre-orders were 20x faster than what Apple has ever seen before for the iPhone. Of course, no sale numbers yet. Apple might announce the same in coming weeks or perhaps during its quarterly results, but one thing is clear – the iPhone 5 is a consumer hit.

Analysts and tech pundits might be unhappy given the excessive leaks, no killer / out of the box feature or a complete redesign. But users seem to be loving the idea of buying a new iPhone. Why would that happen? Let’s look at the early days of the iPhone. We ourselves did a long post on what is missing in the iPhone. Did the lack of 3G, GPS, Bluetooth file transfer hamper iPhone’s growth in 2007 / 2008? NO. It is clear that the consumers don’t measure the device the same way as geeks or tech journalists do.  [click to continue…]

Ever since Apple announced the 6th generation iPhone (which they name 5), speculations are rife on what specifications were untold at the keynote. Apple rarely mentions the type of processor (Dual or Quad) or the processor speed for its iOS products. The only thing we know (officially) about the iPhone 5 processor is the fact that it is an Apple branded component, that is named ‘A6′. That’s it.

However, given Apple revealed the speed boost and performance enhancement on the iPhone 5, some pundits have managed to give out calculated predictions on what to expect from the A6 chip. Apparently Apple isn’t taking the SoC entirely from ARM and building it over ARM A15, instead they have designed their own SoC, putting them in the league of chipmakers like Nvidia and Qualcomm itself. [click to continue…]

iPhonehelp Is Hiring!

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Your favourite and One of the oldest iPhone sites around is looking for an Associate Editor. If you are an Apple enthusiast, iPhone expert and willing to contribute regular articles, manage the community for iPhonehelp.in – do come forward! Freshers are welcome too, so long as you have the talent – we shall provide the training.

Email team@iphonehelp.in

With the launch of the iPhone 4S, Apple unveiled its latest invention onto the the iDevice known to all of us as SIRI. SIRI is a voice-command application that allows users to literally communicate with their phones as if they are talking to a person.

Though there are many apps for voice-commands on iOS & Android, there hasn’t been one which is as user-friendly and efficient as SIRI. Initial reviews of SIRI have been a mixed bag mainly due to the language problems it faces. SIRI can only understand particular accents including US & UK English making it a sort of useless feature for many International buyers.

[click to continue…]

iPhone 4S  though disappointing for many, has been a huge success in the international market selling almost 4 millions phones worldwide in the first weekend itself. The 4S launched in US is locked to carriers like AT&T, Sprint & Verizon. However, there came in a rumour on 9to5 mac that Apple had already started selling factory unlocked iPhones in selected stores in the US though the official unlocked iPhone 4S launch was supposedly somewhere in the month of November. Several people reported online on blogs through comments and posts that they were actually able to run T-mobile carrier onto their locked iPhones purchased from the retail stores. [click to continue…]

Apple just made an announcement that they will be launching the all new iPhone 4S in Hong Kong on 11th November. The big difference we noted that the prices for the 32 GB unlocked iPhone 4S were just 5088 HK dollars which comes up to just USD 757. Generally the price differences between 16 gig & 32 gig throughout the world is more than 60-70 dollars, making the HK pricing the best deal on the unlocked iPhone 4S 32 GB internationally. [click to continue…]

The iPhone 4S has been announced with Tim Cook taking stage as for his first product launch since he became the CEO. He started with expressing that he loves Apple and in trademark Apple style highlighted the milestones achieved by Apple in the last few quarters. Be it the Mac, the iPods or the iPhone / iPad, he gave a perspective on each of these. Here is a quick compilation of the milestones Apple has announced at yesterdays keynote: [click to continue…]

Kill Background Cydia

Kill background is a handy tweak available via Cydia for jailbroken iPhone & iPod touch. It allows you to kill all the running apps on your idevice with a single kill switch. The button is visible on the bottom-right of your screen when you double-tap the home button to enter the multitasking screen. Do not confuse this for sn app. It’s just a small tweak.

We tried it a few times and it works quite smooth without any hick ups. However, I personally do not like positioning of the kill button as if often overlaps with apps so might end up killing all your apps when you actually want to switch to the last app in the row. [click to continue…]

iPad 2 launched in UK and across UK yesterday with great flair. There were huge queues across all stores over UK. What we did notice yesterday was there was a huge rush at Apple Stores however PC World and the other retailers stilll had stocks of the new iPad till the day closed. Infact, even Apple Retail Stores in Birmingham were able to cope up with the initial demand quite successfully.

I personally prefer the White iPad over the Black as i feel it looks better and has better contrast ratios as mentioned by reviewers. So I went in to buy an White iPad 16 GB Wifi Only at various retail stores in the morning including Apple. I was lucky enough to get a chance to get an iPad ticket at almost all retail stores , but to my surprise White iPad’s stock wasn’t there at all in any store uptil morning. I checked the Apple Retail Store as well as PC World but both said they hadnt received any stock on White iPad Wifi only.

This might be the case in Birmingham only, however I guess its more to do with the production again, thus enabling fewer White models. They got sold out yesterday again for the White iPads quickly and had only black available in Wifi and 3G models. So what do you guys think…


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