2007, the year when Apple Inc gave the world a device that would revolutionize how people used Mobile Phones forever. It was called the iPhone. With a simple User-interface and cutting edge design and technology, the iPhone made the giants of the mobile industry stand up and take notice. And then there was Samsung, a company which would go on to launch the Galaxy series of phones to compete with Apple and what we witness now is one of the biggest patent battle waging between these two companies in almost all continents.

But this could have been avoided. AllThingsD tells us that in October 2010, Apple offered to share its iOS patents with Samsung if they agreed to pay $30 per phone and $40 per tablet. Apple acknowledged that Samsung, its strategic  component supplier had chosen to imitate the Apple iPhone’s archetype.  So the Cupertino giant offered a royalty-bearing license for this category of device.

Apple also offered to give Samsung a 20 percent discount if the Korean company cross-license its portfolio back to Apple. Apple also sought royalties on Samsung’s non-Android smartphones, including those running the Symbian and Bada operating systems.

But as we all know Samsung declined the offer and are fighting over patent issues in courts all across the globe. Lets see how much Samsung might end up paying of it loses the trials.

With the release date for the next generation iPhone nearing, more and more leaked photos of the components are making their way on the Internet. We have posted pictures of the new mini-dock connector, the slimmer metal back-casing and the all-new 4″ display with an in-cell display technology.

The new iPhone is rumored to be LTE capable and given the new 1136×640 pixels real estate along with a variation of the iPad’s A5X chip-set, it surely will need enough battery power to last through the day. So according to 9to5mac the new iPhone will come loaded with a 1440 mAh battery, which is bigger than the 1430mAh battery on 4S and 1420 mAh on iPhone 4.

Along with the increase in battery capacity, the new battery also features a new voltage of 3.8. This is up slightly from 3.7 on both the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. The new battery also has an increased watts-per-hour measurement (wHr), 5.45 wHr

Apple has always upped the game in terms of processor and display tech in all its update without compromising on battery life. With the next -gen iPhone getting big upgrades, we will have to wait till September to see if Apple gives it the required lungs to last through a proper sprint.

Yesterday Apple pushed the release of iOS 6 Beta 3. iOS 6 beta 3  comes with stability improvements and bug fixes. Among other things a few additions include new settings for the default Maps app, labels being changed to icons, and a slightly modified bookmarks bar for the iPad’s version of Safari.

Dev-Team have updated Redsn0w to Jailbreak this beta release. Its a developer only version for jailbreak app developers and is a tethered jailbreak. [click to continue…]

WSJ reports that the next-gen iPhone will be using a new display technology dubbed as in-cell technology. This new feature will help Apple trim some fat off the iPhone’s display. The next iPhone, popularly called as iPhone 5 is being manufactured by Asian companies and Apple is trying to push all the latest tech in its flagship handheld device to give stiff competition to its rivals.

The new display is reportedly being developed by Sharp Corp, Japan Inc and LG Display Co. The technology integrates touch sensors into the LCD, making it unnecessary to have a separate touch-screen layer. The absence of the layer, usually about half-a-millimeter thick, not only makes the whole screen thinner, but improves the quality of displayed images [click to continue…]

We all love tho Jailbreak our phones. the Cydia store which comes as a part of jailbreak adds so much more functionality to the iPhone’s stock OS. From themes to utilities and many other tweaks. But many a times the tweaks seem to conflict with one another leading to MobileSubstrate crash and respring. Now since you don’t know which tweaks are conflicting the only logical option would be to delete each one from Cydia and then reinstall the ones which are compatible.

But there is another simple method to do this. Its by using the free cydia utility called SbSettings. Essentially SbSettings lets us add shortcut toggles to major settings such as Wi-fi, Bluetooth, data etc. But it also serves another important function.  [click to continue…]

The smartphone market is growing bigger and bigger. With manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Motorola and Apple Inc bringing the latest hardware specs and great multi-tasking OS, smartphones and tablets are rapidly replacing the PC. With smartphones these days capable of doing almost every task one can imagine, from Business to Mails; Photography to travelling the smartphones are the most in demand gadgets right now. With the Apple AppStore and Google’s PlayStore developers keep adding more functionality to the respective OS, you practically have an app to do any task you can think of.

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yes everyone you read it right. According to the Reuters, Taobao is apparently taking pre-orders for the still un-announced iPhone 5. Taobao, a unit of Alibaba Group, are accepting orders for the iPhone 5, in some cases asking for a deposit of 1,000 yuan ($160) for the new phone. One seller, “Dahai99888″, who started accepting pre-orders this week, is asking for full payment upfront, at a cool 6,999 yuan ($1,100).

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With iOS 6 Apple showed us their all new Maps App. Since the developers have been trying to study the codes to discover how far Apple is planning to go with the app. Apple already showed off Yelp integration, turn-by-turn navigation, and the 3D flyover mode, and it appears to be utilizing a new Avenir typeface.

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Now, we know this might come as big surprise to all of you, but Yes a Trojan Horse has been found in an app called Find and Call. It had been reported in a blog by Kaspersky Security earlier this morning.

Once installed the app would ask you to register using your email address. Then it will ask your permission to ‘find friends from phonebook’. In the background it will discreetly upload your entire contacts to its server. [click to continue…]

Apple has paid $ 60 Mn to Proview Technology to end a dispute over the iPad trademark in China that saw the world’s most valuable technology company engaged in a messy legal tussle with a near bankrupt Chinese firm. The ban has dented some sales of the iPad in China as Proview had requested the Chinese authorities to help them take iPad off store shelves. [click to continue…]

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